First day available!

Welcome back!

We have great news for you! 

But first, let me tell you something the Gamescom. As I wrote it in my last post, we went there to show our game to business traders and receive some feedback from professionals.

Thanks to them, I managed to find some few bugs we never noticed. Thanks to everyone who we met and had a talk with. 


Let’s talk about the biggest news since we started. Probably if you read the title you already know it. The moment we waited for has finally arrived. Yes. Our game is now online. Hurrah!


Well, it’s just a demo. The full first day (of five) precisely. It should last at least 30 minutes if you know what to do. This day is the more linear. Acting more like a tutorial one, as some actions are kinda forced to let you understand  the mechanics. Next days will be 100% freedom of choice. And all your action would have some kind of consequences on the world around you, even if you’re not leaving your home. Many of them would open different paths and endings; and by that I really mean that you would feel having a completely different story. This is our goal. We know it’s hard and complicated to think about every possibility. This is why we need your help. As for now we are working on our free time and this means production times are slow and unpredictable. If we could get any help somewhere we would finish this game much, much faster (and better too!). 

How can you support us? We are not asking for money from you right now. You can play the game for free, give us your feedback and if you like it spread the word. Talk about it on the socials, in the toilet, during your conversations with demons through Ouija board. Everywhere is fine! 


Everything you say about this project can help us find our road and place in the market. 


As I’m writing this I’m uploading the demo here and on

We would like to know what you think about The Peephole’s Chronicles, so we would appreciate any kind of feedback. 


Little surprise for you! I made a build also for Mac ! Mac version is excluded of launcher as I don’t personally own one and to build the game I had to borrow one from a friend for a little. I only had a few hours, enough to build just the game. It runs, but I couldn’t test it much for the same reason of before. So if you encounter problems with mac version, I don’t know when I will have another chance to patch it. I would recommend you to play the windows version in that case. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.

For now it’s everything. Thanks for reading me and I hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoy making it! Let us know! 

See you in the next post! Buh Bye!

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