Welcome back dear friends!
Time flies, really. These last weeks were a bit tought because our work , the work where we get actually paid for, was really exhausting. More or less for everyone in the team, actually. Because of this, work on the this game went really slow for my standards. Also because we did the most boring stuff to do. Yes, i talk about testing, bugfix and translation.

“Wait, is testing boring? So your game sucks!”
Well, when you try it one time is all new and cool, after a few times you are getting used of it. When you play it for hours nearly every day you start to hate it! This actually happens for everything. Think about eating the same food everyday, after some time you will get nauseous only by the sight of that food, even if it’s your favourite.

Because of this, we need to stop working for a little to avoid overwork. We are gonna take a break, a small one, for a few weeks, to free our minds and recharge our batteries. We’ll resume work in september, so no updates planned for these days.

But wait! We’ll visit Gamescom this year! What an occasion to make some networking and meet cool people! So if you’re going there to, let us know in our socials!

Even if you can’t be there, english translation is nearly done and will be ready in a matter of days, so be ready to play the first day at home! Easy!

For now it’s everything, See you in the next post! Bu Bye!

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