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The Peephole’s Chronicles



Black Corporation


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Let’s live the chronicles of the peephole.

You will have to play the part of the weird John, an anxious character who barricated himself in his living room, terrified of the whole world.

The Peephole’s Cronicles is a bizarre point and click adventure game where you have to survive day by day and to figure out how the blackout in John’s life got started.

Let’s follow him into his madness, choosing how and whether to interact with the world outside.

Grotesques characters inhabit the mysterious town, John’s door is your weapon and the decision to whom you may open it or not is up to you only.

Open or not.

Your choices.

Your destiny.

Your trip into an odd nightmare.


Game History:

We started to work on this project in April 2017. In August 2017 we finished a early prototype called “The Door”. The early feedbacks during Koln Gamescom 2017 were so positive that in early 2018 we rebuilt everything from scratch making it bigger as we could. We changed so many things while keeping our core gameplay the same. Because of this, we also changed the name. It then became “The Peephole’s Chronicles”. Alpha Demo is now available at and at, free for everyone.  



  • Classic point and click adventure game.
  • Inverted escape room: get the nostalgia of old 2d flash escape rooms in a revisited way.
  • Try to survive inside the room until Christmas.
  • Defend yourself or get some help from who come to your door.
  • Various number of items and characters.
  • Your actions can cause unexpected results.
  • Different approaches and multiple finals.
  • Paranoid guy life simulator.
  • Creepy and anxiety atmosphere.



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About Black Corporation Studio:

Black Corporation is and fresh little independent game studios based in Italy. Born out of sheer passion and self-sustained throughout, the team is formed from less than ten people (team and repeating collaborator) with the focus to create video games without censorship and educational limitation, (pure 90’s pirate spirit!).


Team Principals:

Marco Giannitti:

Riccardo Pasquali:

Alessandro Adinolfi

Erik Zeba

Enrico Scatto

Riccardo Salin



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