Hello everyone and merry christmas


We hope you are safe inside your home with your family and/or friends. These months passed so fast that I can’t believe myself we are already at the end of the year!


Our team got bigger with the addition of 2 new members! Say welcome to Erik Zeba , our first and only game designer, and Alessandro Adinolfi, our PR guy who is helping us where we had the biggest problems; I mean communication and marketing.  With these 2 resources added to our team we hope to manage everything in a better way and by splitting the workload in more people, we think production times will be smoother, not as much as I personally would like, because we are still doing this project in our free time, but having help here and there is really helpful!


We published the demo nearly 2 months ago and we received different really good feedback that improved our morale very much,  so thank you everyone who stopped a bit to play this game and tell us what you thought. These next few months we will continue to work on the next days, while improving the first one.


By the way, a new patch would be available today or in a few days, as soon I can work a bit in peace. In this update I fixed a few nasty bugs I never noticed until a friend of mine showed it to me just a few weeks ago. A new and improved tutorial and commands should help you moving and interacting around. In the next patch we will do a major overhaul of the UI.


I would like to write about it more but I prefer to go back in the code mines because i have a few pages of stuff to check and fix too.

We wish you the best for now and you’ll hear about us very soon, here or in our social pages.

Stay safe my friends

Buh Bye!

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