Welcome back dear friends!
We’re back!

As we said, last week we went to Svilupparty in Bologne, presenting our project to the public and to the developers who attended there.

This is our little space right before the opening hours.

We collected some data from the guys who tried the game. I will now proceed to review the responses and give some opinions about them. First of all, I have to say that only 13 people made the survey successfully: this means that conclusions have no statistic value, But it’s a start for us and we can see some trends. We also noticed that compared to last year less people could actually play the game but they played much longer. That’s a very good sign for us. Let’s look into details.
Note: The images will be written in italian, but don’t worry , I’ll translate for you.

The first thing we asked was to vote in a scale to 1 to 5 the overrall experience. Results follows our expectations, as this game can be improved and most important it’s not a game appropriate in a public event situation. We think ratings would be a little more higher if played in a dark and quiet room.

Here we asked about the speed of the game. Nearly 80% said it’s ok. Last year results were much more different and we took this as a very good sign we are going in the right direction for this aspect.

Difficulty question here. We put easy difficulty during the event, so having this trend in the middle seems good for us. In the hardcore mode, we suppose this value would increase.

This answer is about the gore level in the game. 1 means no more gore to add. This is unexpectedly splitted in 2. We’ll look into it.

This answer is about the anxiety caused by the game. As always, in a scale 1 to 5 where 1 is the minimum amount. Trend follows our expectation. There is still room for improvement (personally i would like to see many more 5)

This trend shows what people think about aestethics and art direction. Personally I expected more a split in 2 in the ends. But seems it’s being appreciated. Wonderful!

What about the audio? Well , most of the feedbacks were about sounds and this trend doesn’t shows anything valuable. But we know we have to improve here for sure. And we will do.

This is one of the most important question we had since the beginning of the project. Should this became a roguelike game with procedural stuff or leave it a linear story with multuple endings and branches to follow?
Suprisingly, the latter win consistently. Only a few asked for a third option, to make something in between the two, half rouguelike half linear. Something we should consider in the future. But for now we will stick to the linear side.

And what about the save system? Saving only in the end of the days got nearly all the votes. Very nice, because it’s how it works now!

This is about a future feature we are planning . Can our protagonist explore the neighborhood? Most people said “no , it would ruin the experience”. We can’t disagree on that. But we also want to make it possibile to explore the world around you somehow. As I said , we are planning to do that in a way that doesn’t change the core and leave the game as it is but adding much more stuff to do (or not to do)

Lastly, we asked how much you would pay for this. Something between 5 and 10 euro seems appropriate and according at what we think.
That’s recap pretty much my conclusions on svilupparty. We met some very nice people along the 3 days and we can’t wait for the next one!

Last but not least, we want to show you the new launcher, in the view of publish the demo. We wanted to make it easier for to stay updated and having always the last patches without having to check somewhere else and/or having to download everything everytime. That’s a good step ahead!
In the near future, we will still fix bug and issues we had, upgrade aspect of the game where we had feedback (audio, for example) and start to work on day 2.

For now it’s everything, See you in the next post! Bu Bye!

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