“Dear diary, John here.
It’s me again.
I’m feeling a strange presence in my room. I’m not sure who or what it is, but I don’t want to find out. Something strange started happening since I am here . Things started move by themselves when I’m sleeping. Either I’m crazy or something is playing with me. I swear I just saw a shadow with the back of my eye lurking at me. Waiting for me. To kill me. Or Worse.
I’m not sure what do do, mayb…”

“Hiya Stranger, who all’s there?”

Sorry for the the interruption, we put some dark magic on our game and something went really wrong. You should expect strange behaviours until until we will get our souls back. On the bright side, we managed to bring a real nasty demon in the game, and now he’s asking for good slaves. Be one of them, and accomplish easy tasks you are surviving the christmas!
Quests can be very different. Here you are some examples of what you could be asked to do :

-Opening (or avoid ) the door at certain hours
-Using certain objects in particular situations: pretty clear , right? No?? well, he downs’t like to share useless details to his slaves.
-Scaring people: how? that’s your problem.
-Filthy stuff: the nastier, the better. And don’t try to hide it, he knows you like it.

Easy , right?

As usual, if you manage to complete a quest succesfully, you will be rewarded. Examples of rewards includes:

-Money: money buy literally everything
-Objects: because you are a greedy person.
-Informations: maybe he knows more about your neighbours and strangers who will come to you.

Well, not everything is good and you should not trust his words. But he will punish you if you won’t follow his orders, that’s for sure. He’s unpredictable, watch out for his next move. He will play with you. Not in a good way. Absolutely. Do not trust him. But he could be the only way to survive, who knows…


To help you remember what nasty things you have to do, we implemented a requested feature: the diary.
You can use it to write your notes too! We’d love to see what you will write on it!

What do you think? Let us know!
It’s time to go, so see ya at the next post!



For now it’s everything, See you in the next post! Bu Bye!

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