Welcome back with some updates!

“We want to play your game! Where is the release?”

Well, i have good and bad new for you all. Bad news first; we are behind the schedule we thought last year. Why? Some things changed.

Our team works only during free time, and for multiple coincidenced all team got really busy in other works. For example me, the only programmer here, got a new job that keeps me very busy. And worst of all, i had to start writing these posts. Don’t let me wrong, I love to communicate with you guys, but all time I spend writing is time I’m not coding. And until we get back on track on the schedule,  As a consequence, we lack enough workforce to make promises on when we will release the demo. We want to make sure everything is fine and stable. Unity sometimes can be your worst enemy in that regard. We hope to get some help shortly on this side. For now we managed to work in multitasking; for example, our sound designers are also our QA testers! Life is unpredictable !


What about the good news?

These last months we worked mainly to test the game and improve playability and fix old bugs we had for a bit. We are actually reworking all UI interface: we are replacing placeholders with proper assets and we are trying different ones to get the best feeling possible


First of all, thanks to our great sound designers, we added multiple sounds to get a boost on the general atmosphere of the game. Meanwhile in the code mines I did pretty much refactoring on all old code. The most boring part of the work. And fixing bugs too. You have no idea on how many little things I forgot that showed up on a real beta test. Thankfully nearly all these things are arleady fixed and for the first time I feel confident that this game is stable on other devices other then mine.  That’s the good news. We are also approaching Svilupparty 2019 and we are excited to let people test our game since last year. Last year went well, but we had major problem with the build due to Unity bugs. This year we are making sure anything bad will happen thanks to proper beta test. This is gonna be a BIG day!


What about the near future?



For now it’s everything, See you in the next post! Bu Bye!

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