Welcome back with some updates!

For today, we’ll talk about the actual state of the game and its future. I’ll explain the changes in a “changelog” style to be more clear and i hope to not forget anything important.

-Optimization: Optimized many scripts to improve performance: major refactoring of core scripts improving both performance and stability.


-New Content: added content to extend the length of a single run from 80 to 150 minutes (estimated). This make the game 10+ hours length just to see all endings. From the first tests , the first day (the one you will be able to play in the demo) it’s 30 minute long. Keep in mind that these values are just estimations from internal testing , and can’t be accurate without your help. How can you help us? Well, you will just need to play and if you want leave a feedback. We want to listen to your ideas and opinions to better shape our game in the future, so in a way, you will create this game with us! The new content include new items , characters, events , quests and interactions. I won’t spoil much , but you can see some of them in these few images below.

-Achievements: many achievements added. In a near future we’ll integrate these with steam default system. Yes, this means that The Peephole’s Chronicles will be published there too!


-Enhanced camera effects: we worked more on graphical aspect of the camera to implement different aspects of the gameplay. For example you can be drunk or drugged, and it will change how you can interact with the room and the people.


-Analitics: we needed a better way to know how can we improve the game, so we implemented a new method to gather and analize data from playthroughts. We avoided using already made analitics plugins, like the default Unity Analitics, pricipally to keep it as light and simple as possible. And this way we limited the possibile traffic data we use and we have full control of what happens . We don’t need any personal data with our implementation, but obviously you can still decide to opt out if you want. We still want to hear you what you think, it’s very important for us, but having some objective data like number of time you die by some person will greatly help making decisions and adjustations

What about the near future?

Our plans are to publish finally a public demo, free for everyone. This demo will include the full first day. Then we would like to hear what you think about it, and then we will shape our workflow to improve it while we work on the other days.  When? We think december will be great time for this. Perhaps the next post will be about its release. Follow us to keep you updated, as long posts like this one are time consuming and we actually don’t have the workforce to write more often here. After the demo release , we plan to be more active as our game will need some answers that only you can have.


For now it’s everything, See you in the next post! Bu Bye!

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