Welcome to our brand new website! So many things are changed during last few months. Probably you have already noticed the new title, but let me explain from the beginning what happened.


When we started this project we never focused our thoughts to the title, instead we wanted to make a game manageable enough for a small team as we are yet something original and most important fun to play . We always called it as “The Door” (honestly, the original title was “The Room”, but it didn’t last longer than a few days before changing it). In the last times we discussed more and more about the name and why we chose it when everyone had better ideas in mind.

We looked at the newly version we had and it felt so different from the first original game. Everything was more polished, more complex and better overall .

We thought it was the right (and only) time  to change it.

Then, after some meetings, we finally chose the new name:


The Peephole’s Chronicles:Weird John.


Don’t you feel the difference? This new name narrates a story all by itself; the peephole , one of the main tools we have to know who’s knocking the door, is now the neutral protagonist who tells the history of the last person who looked thought him.


Because of this drastic change, we had to fix the website. This is actually a good thing , because for some time the old one had major problems that we couldn’t do much without redo everything from scratch. So we gladly took this opportunity and convinced ourselves that changing the name was the right thing to do; a cool game needs a cool website, after all! We have to thank our great web developer for her help , you wouldn’t read this otherwise.


In the next post we’ll talk more about the game and what is the work status of Peephole’s Chronicles. For now I need to get back to work.


See you in the next post! Bu Bye!


-Many achievements added

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