Hello everyone! We survived the gamescomcalipse!


Jokes aside, that experience was amazing  and was also our first time there! We managed to meet very high talented people from all over the world and we could try out their games. We also acquired some very good feedback for our project. It was very inspiring and motivated us to go on.

One thing that we noticed is how Indie dev community is friendly and helpful with each other. Although we are making games too, it’s important to remember that there are real people behind the software that try to make their best and these should not be considered badly  just because you don’t like their games. This is a so simple as underrated thought.


Back on the tracks, as i wrote before, we got good feedbacks and we are going to use them all to improve The Door.


Most of the improvements we want to make will require a really long work because of the framework not supporting them.


This will take a while , but don’t be scared, we will keep in touch with you!


This is everything for now, thank you all!
See yaa next time!

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