Hi folks! How are you?

In the last weeks we worked mainly to make the game prettier.

The first thing we did is adding a TV effect on post process. We ended up with this for different reasons. Firstly, we think it’s cool. Secondly, our game tells the story of a paranoid man who hides in his living room, scared of everything and everyone. When we were writing up the story, one inspiration we took was from was old cartoon “Courage the Cowardly Dog” , where the protagonist is a pink coward dog named Courage who tries its best to save his two old masters from monsters of different kind. A fan theory says that all the monsters are only in the mind of the scared dog, and in real they are just random people who visit its masters. We wanted to make something similar to our game, where you actually can’t be so sure about your reality, if the dangers are real or just in your mind. But this don’t fully explain why the tv effect. Well, if you see the intro of this cartoon, you will see that is made like a old tv transmission. Hence the idea!

We also added some decorations because we decided to move the story time on December, just before the  Christmas holidays. This will open the door (sorry for the pun) to new and strange characters who will come and visit us.


After that, we made generic improvements for the graphic assets in the room, making them more detailed and adding more life on it. Seriously, now you are not alone anymore.

As you can see, now you got a friend (or maybe just a cockroach) who will come visit you occasionally!


The last major improvement is for newspaper reading. We had some feedback about how it was difficult to read it , so to fix this we remade all the input framework and added a cool zoom feature. Added with the tv effect, the result is pretty cool. Check it out yourself


We will soon start to rebuild from scratch all the Dialogue System, it will be complex as it’s one of the most important thing here, and we want to make it expandable and easy to use. In the next post we will talk about it much more.


For now it’s everything , Have a nice week!

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