We are really proud to announce that we will be at the GamesCom 2017!


The Door is ready! What’s that?
It’s a 2D Point and click adventure game. It’s a story driven experience where your choice matters. We can also say that maybe it’s like an inverse escape room, where your objective is not to get out of the room, but instead you have to stay there and face people who want to kill you or just take you outside.

You can choice to open or not your front door. Sometimes people will not leave, or will try to enter anyway somehow. Your actions and reactions will decide your fate!

As you can see in the screenshot you will be all the time in your room, you can read the newspaper, call someone, order a pizza or discover why the alien are coming!

The telephone is your main way to communicate to the outside safely. But don’t take it so easily! You will have to find out the numbers to call and don’t forget that being distracted by telephone can literally kill you!


This is going to be the first time our game will be shown by someone else than our team and close friends, so we are excited to listen to your comments and hear what you think about it!

See you there guys!


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