Hello everyone and merry christmas

This year is a crazy one, due to all covid siituation we think in some ways we started to understand weird john condition: fear of the outside, the stranger danger, a global pandemic that pushed (and still pushing) everyone to their limits.

We, as you and everyone else, got some big problems to adapt to the new lifestyle post-covid, and we had some big delays in our production plan,along with bad morale.  Good news is that in next year we would like to work really hard on this project and publish the complete game asap. But for now I can’t tell anything precisely. Next year both you and us will know more.

Until then, we will still work to fix bugs and various problems that afflict the game you brought us to our attention. If you think the UI is still clunky and overly complex, for example, you are lucky!

The next days are coming soon, so you can see what will happen to our beloved John. Don’t worry for now about them, they will come.

We wish you the best for now and you’ll hear about us very soon, here or in our social pages.

Stay safe my friends

Buh Bye!

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