Corona consequences

Hello everyone!

After a long time we’re back.

I overthought too much about writing this post, mostly because I didn’t want to be “another one who’s talking about the virus outbreak”. I am personally pretty tired to see only news about the virus; I feel like  all world stopped and every day is the same day, as in Groundhog day (if you know the Murrey’s film) .

But I think that you should know what we are doing as we didn’t update the game for a while.

All the team is fine and healthy, that’s the most important thing,  but as we are living in Italy, where virus is taking its toll heavily, we had much problems caused by the lockdown. We are trying to stay positive though. Working on the game became difficult for our personal situations. We hope to get back soon at working in a faster pace asap.

On the plus side, we kinda know how John would feel to be locked down to his home for a long time, so we will take this outbreak to learn something for our lives and hopefully for our game!

We’ll let you know when we’ll have some updates. For now this is all.

Be a weird John , stay at home and survive!

Buh Bye!

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