Hello everyone! How are you?
It’s time to share some updates !


We are making some major rework on the inventory.


As you can see , aesthetics of the table changed much, thanks to our great artist! We are still working on implementation on different new items. Here you can see some of them!

Most of them will be available not in the first day so you are not gonna see them in the Demo. “Demo? What Demo? “ Yes! , as we anticipated in a few post earlier, we are going to share with you a Demo for free of the first day. And then you can give us a feedback to help us improve it! “But when? “ Well, this is a more difficult question. We are still working on it and we are not sure about timings. We can’t give you dates about it because we really don’t know. But we’ll let you know when we are approaching it , don’t you worry!


Oh! we almost forgot! We also are working on brand new characters . Watch out for them!


What do you think? Would you open them the door? Let us know !

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