Hello everyone!

That time of the year is coming back!  Yes , we are talking about the Global Game Jam! For who doesn’t know what’s that, this is a weekend where where people all over the world try to make a prototype of a game following the same theme.


Although this will not be our  first game jam (actually we met during one of it) ,this will be the first time we will participate as a team. We will try to make something out these hours in the local game jam site in our hometown, Turin. And we’ll do what these events are for: meet people and share knowledge.


This year we will also bring The Door with us, so we can let you try it and give us some feedback about it, if time will permit.

For the rest of you reading this post, we want to let you know that we will share it with you as soon as we can. For now the build we have is not stable enough and is missing many key features. But don’t worry we won’t let you down!

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